Transparency matters. Which is why Cassandra and her family have decided to post information related to personal financial statements, treasurer filing, property tax statements and any other record possible as they become available.

Most importantly, Cassandra is sharing information related to the disposition of the case from when Cassandra experienced challenges as a young adult.

It is important that Cassandra gains El Pasoans trust and will run a campaign on transparency, respect and honesty.   Her track record and willingness to provide information is evident that Cassandra is committed to serving the constituents of District 3.

“I have received many calls about the negative campaign practices of my opponent. I have grown and learned important lessons from something that happened when I was a teenager and later the misdemeanor offenses were dismissed. I am proud that my volunteers and I have run a positive, focused and ¬†fair campaign. I hope I can count on your vote and together we will work towards accomplishing our vision for District 3.” Sincerely, Cassandra Hernandez Brown


Runoff 8th day CFR

8th day before Election Finance Report

30th day before election corrected Finance Report

30th day before election Correction Aff.

Treasurer Amendment


308 Front Property Tax Statement

2016 Property Tax Statement Rear Property

Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Application for place on Ballot

Jan 2006 Case

Transparency Matters