What my priorities are today, will not be what my priorities are tomorrow. As I launch my campaign and meet with voters and constituents of District 3, I will learn from them and they will learn from me. And I hope they change my mind and I hope to change their perspective.

The way I will achieve success in City Council is by following the three core principles in which I will serve District 3 office.

  1. Listen to constituents
  2. Have open and frequent communication
  3. Be responsible, transparent and accountable for all actions

Going back to basics is sometimes important. By following these three principles and using reason and best judgement to make better informed decisions.

District 3 Priorities

Restore Unity and Trust to Council City Hall has lost our trust and confidence. I will work with you to make the City accountable and transparent to its citizens.

Holding the City Manager and the form of government is essential to the operations and measurable outcomes of key projects.


Quality of Life and Capital Improvement Projects The City hasn’t delivered on the Quality of Life and Capital Improvement  projects for District 3. I will work to ensure that projects are successfully completed.

As of October 2016, there were twenty capital improvements projects (CIP) valued at about $23.4 Million in various budget sources in District 3. I will monitor the progress and work with the City’s Capital Improvement Departments to achieve success with these projects. I believe that the current procurement process combined with the bidding, awarding and design phase is too long.  I commit to removing any existing bottlenecks and increase efficiency with key projects.


Reasonable Tax Base The City boasts of millions of dollars saved but keeps raising our taxes. I will work to hold the line on excessive spending and work to ensure that we provide core services in an effective and efficient manner.


Transportation Improvement & Unused City Land Improvement Support initiatives and policies to improve roads, sidewalks, thoroughfare, transit systems, and traffic light synchronization.  I will also continue to support re-purposing unused City land and promote the improvement of infrastructure. By allowing citizens and neighborhood associations to adopt median space throughout District 3 to maintain and improve.


Protect Health and Safety Services I will ensure that the men and women of the Health, Police and Fire Departments have the resources and benefits secure. I will ensure law officers are held to a higher standard that I know they want to be held to.


Partnerships and Expansion I will support common sense partnerships or inter-local agreements that achieve economies of scale by reducing expenditures of public dollars for duplicate services. I will also encourage partnerships, as resources are available, to enhance services to the public.


Public Safety Not enough police officers are assigned to patrol our streets. I will work to improve response times for police and improve community policing.


Economic Development and Tourism Encourage economic development by supporting incentive packages for companies which are expanding operations and infrastructure or growing the number of jobs in the workforce. Supporting business to help increase wages is imperative.  I fully support Downtown development, increasing visitors & tourism to our El Paso.


City Manager Oversight The City Manager form of government professionalizes city government.  I will advocate for accountability and trust in the City Manager’s office to further avoid the mistrust of El Pasoans.


Accessible El Paso It is time for El Paso to make great strides with improving accessibility at all City owned buildings. I will also promote any initiatives or policies that provide individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodations and protections.

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